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SSS gets!

My secret spring swap package finally arrived and I couldn't be more excited!
I had just emailed my assigned host from school when my boyfriend texted me that I had a package in back at the apartment. Lo and behold it was the one I had been waiting for! Things occasionally go missing in our complex so I am overly paranoid at times, haha. Cx

Continue on past the cut for a photostory if you're curious about what was inside!

Vahn the Jolteon and Herb the Caterpie joined me in opening this curious box.

Herb: It's so big!! What's it say Vahn?
Vahn: It's from Canada. Did Clover order something international?
Clover: No guys, it's my spring swap!

Vahn: What do you see?
Herb: Lots of yellow and green. I like it already!
Clover: A pokemon center bag!

Herb: Hello in there~
Clover: Wait...That pattern. Could it be...?

Herb: <3
Sandshrew: Hi there!
Vahn: ...Weren't you banned?
Clover: Vahn, that was just an April Fools joke!

A play by play Sandshrew!!! Oh wow! I definitely wasn't expecting such a rare plush and I was grinning like a fool when I recognized it in the bag. I actually have one already but I'm really happy to have a duplicate since mine has marker on his bottom. ; w ; I'm putting a little bow on this one to make her a Lady Shrew, so I can have a cute Shrew couple.

Next up, some awesome trading cards featuring some of my favorites! What a cool Ursaring card! Since I pick up TCG packs so sparingly I've never even seen any of these besides one of the Shrew cards and this is super awesome.

Sandshrew: Look, it's me!

Vahn: Look, it's me too!
Clover: What have you got there Vahn?


I'm still new to how much merchandise is really out there so I was very excited to receive an item I didn't even know existed! Plus just look at all those Eeveelu's! It's a soft terrycloth like material and it's so big. I love it!

I'm debating making some pokemon themed bento lunches and using it as a bento bag to carry my box in but I'm so afraid of getting it dirty. I can never help wanting to use practical items but it's in such good condition! HNNNNG.

Finally, I opened the letter to see who my super generous gifter was.

It's from sarynplasmagale! Thank you so so so much for a wonderful package! Everything was such a wonderful surprise and I'm so happy! ; w ; I've heard of Treasure Island but never been, though I would certainly like to vacation there someday. I hope you had a lovely visit! The weather has been really rainy on and off the past week but otherwise pleasant. I actually enjoy the rain because like you said Summer is right around the corner and Summer in Orlando means lots of sweating!

A recap of my wonderful package! Thank you again so much Saryn! Everything is fantastic and I am seriously freaking out over that Nymphia and friends bag!

Sorry for such a long post, but if you made it through all that thank you for reading and happy Spring!
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