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another round for the offering table - [offers & sales]

Heyo~ I'm back with a few more sales, I was going to wait for one more huge package but... oh well~ orz

Today I have up for offers more rare retsuden stamps, some metals, rare movie 8 battle stampers, pokepark lati strap and more...!



- I ship from the UK and I will ship to the moon~! International shipping starts (in a bubblemailer) Europe: $5.60 USA/Canada/Japan: $6.00 Australia: $6.30. - If you don't like this please don't ask but I will open for all!

- First come first serve in straight sales HOWEVER, you have a 30 minute "grace period" after my reply to you. I understand this may be unfair due to timezones and when I will get back to people, I will put a note on the post to say when I am away or not. If you are highly interested in purchasing the item please put in your comment that you're really interested but won't be online until X amount of time or that you're going to go sleep etc. I will consider this. I want to try and make this as fair as possible but please don't abuse this, I will notice and may ban you from future sales. If you are committed, do let me know as it will make things a lot easier! <3

- Do not edit your posts, reply to yourself - I don't want to keep checking emails for who said what first, any edited posts may be void/ignored. ;;

- It's the buyers responsibility to ask the condition of the items. I will try my best and let you know if anything has obvious marks on it, a lot of the items I'm selling are from lots in Japan, so items come to me as-is. I can also clean them to the best of my ability before sending them off.

- Payment needs to be made within 16 hours after totals unless you ask for more time, negative feedback will be left if you back out of a sale. If you repeatedly send payment late with no warning multiple times I may ban you from my sales. Missing messages are not always an excuse, please check the thread per day if you think something is missing, I know I do! ;u;

- I am NOT responsible for lost or damaged packages, I tend to pack things as safely as I can and will always provide a receipt if needed, sorry! If you want tracking on your parcel, I can enquire how much it'll be but I know it is expensive.

- I accept payment through Paypal only, no e-checks please.

- No PM Transactions! Sorry please comment I may just ignore PM sales as they're worse to track! ;___;

- I may do extended holds if you're committed to buying items, but please ask first. Payment plans are welcome too but you must ask beforehand, if you don't ask I will assume you'll be able to pay within the stated time, just ask I don't bite :3

- I was granted sales permission on pkmncollectors by allinia on 27th October 2012 and have been a member since March 2008.

- My old & new feedback can be found here; http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/xxlatiosxx/

- I reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason I chose.

Offers - Extra Info

+ Offers end on the 18th April 11:30pm UK time. I may end the offers early if I find an offer I redeem as acceptable. =)

+ Bid increments of $1 please.

+ Countdown timer: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20150418T2330&p0=302

+ If it gets to the point where people are bidding in the last 5 minutes there will be a bidding extension until 5 minutes have passed with no new comments - this is a standard rule in pkmncollectors. I can't change it.

Offers- Retsuden Stampers [Good number of new stampers!]

Start at...

$20 - Kyogre, Entei, Sparkly Mew
$8 - Pikachu Sparkly Pink, Pikachu Sparkly Blue, Uxie (Ink Stain)

$20 - Milotic, Kingdra
$15 - Swablu, Deoxys, Clamperl, Huntail, Wynaut

$15 - Spheal, Sealeo, Serviper, Cacnea,
$10 - Munchlax Purple, Munchlax Blue

Advanced Generation #3  Metals
Starts at...

$20 - Gunmetal Latias, Gold Kyogre, Gold Deoxy
$15 - Copper Jirachi, Silver Regirock, Silver Registeel, Gunmetal Regice

$15 - MIP Pokepark 2005 Latias & Latios Boat Strap - Ended up with two, so thought I'd offer one off! :3

All start at $10 - Movie 8 Based Battle Stamps - [Mew , Pikachu, Lucario, Mime Jr, Bonsly ]
This is seemingly the full set + a Weavile I kept. They were from a lot in Japan many months ago, you can open their Pokeballs and find a little stamper inside, the bottom part of the pokeball you can turn around like a dial, you can take the figure off the ball easily...maybe that's why you find them incomplete! If you press the middle of the Pokeball the stamper spins around to reveal...two more stampers inside! ^^ I haven't tested any of them out so bare in mind these guys were made years ago some have a few small marks on them, remember to ask if you're bothered!  ^^

All start at $10 each - Old Gen Pokemon Tins [Smoochum, Smeargle, Aipom, Wobbuffet ]

$10 Start - Flareon Red Metallic Small Figure - Uh, no idea what this exactly is, any dedicated Flareon lovers out there know? I've seen some pictures around abouts of different colours, it's not a metal figure it's actually pretty light weight.

Straight Sales - [New or Older auctioned off items]

$15 - Scizor, Grumpig, Swalot, Eevee Purple, Eevel Red
$8 - Cleffa

$15 - Breloom, Electabuzz, Slowbro, Porygon
$10 - Unown
$8 - Squirtle [Dirt]

$10 - Combusken, Rhyperior, Electrode, Baltoy

$15 each -  Bronze Treeko, Bronze Grovyle, Silver Grovyle, Gunmetal Mudkip x 2 1, Copper Mudkip, Silver Marshtomp, Bronze Marshtomp, Silver Swampert, Copper Torchich, Copper Combusken

$15 - Bronze Seedot, Bronze, Copper and Gold Castform, Silver Shuppet
$10 - AG  Gunmetal Pikachu, Silver Pikachu, Bronze Plusle [Left] , Copper Plusle [Right]

$15 - Gold, Silver, Copper Ralts, Copper Slakoth, Gunmetal Lunatone, Gold Lunatone, Copper Solrock, Bronze Skitty
$10 - Silver Wingull

$15 - Copper Snorlax, Gold Aerodactyl, Bronze Aerodactyl, Green Scyther, Gunmetal Pidgeot
$10 - Bronze Arbok, Copper Arbok, Purple Raticate
$7 - Gold Geodude, Copper Golem
$5 - Red Staryu

$15 - Gunmetal Charizard
$10 - Blue Wartortle
$6 - Gunmetal Weedle, Gold Caterpie

My Dearest 2014 Pokemon Blind Packaged Gachapon Pins
$10 each - Latios x2, Latias, Female Meowstic, Gardevior, Female Pikachu
$8 each  - Framed Canvas Pikachu(?) x 3 2

Hanafuda 2014 Pin/Badges
- $10 each -  Articuno, Pidgeot/Pidgey , Omnyte/Kabuto, Taurous/Meowth, Psyduck/Oddish, Electabuzz/Scyther

Pokemon Movie 8 Pins
- $10 each - Bonsly, Bonsly/Mime Jr, Mime Jr, Meowth, Munchlax, Regirock, Regice

Mood Coins & Silver Old Gen Coins & Keychains
$7 - Donphan, Zapdos, Kabutops, Skitty, Jirachi Keychain, Mudkip Keychain
$4 - Pidgey, Pinsir, Whismur x 2

$10 each - Silver Pikachu, Piplup & Ho-oh Keychains
$6 each - Nintendo 2009 DS Stickers - Sharpedo, Heracross

Shiny Plastic/Light weight / Metallic Figures - I don't really know much about them but...THEY'RE SO SHINY. These are not metal figures, they're really light weight!
$10 - Arbok, Onix, Eevee
$ 8 - Mew, Dratini
$6 - Oddish, Pikachu, Omnyte, Magnemite, Psyduck

Pokeball Lot & Voltrob/Electrode - $10 for everything.

MISSING PARTS FIGURES (HELP SCYTHER FIND HIS HEAD... ;u;) - For anyone missing a piece? $2 OBO xD!

OLDER STRAIGHT SALES [I've updated it to memory, I will always double check before I quote you if I have said item in stock - feel free to add items from here! Also added Amadas/Pogs! So ask again!]

Figures/Stamps: http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/10619.html

Flats & Misc: http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/9493.html

Digimon Sales: http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/10114.html

I still haven't got everything pictured but right now so I may browse your wants and offer you things too - I'm trying to make some quick cash! Please have a browse through and if you see anything you like please comment AFTER the auction posts are up. Good luck! <3

STATUS: OFFLINE - [ Zzz - Replies may be slow...]


+ First Batch of items will be sent off Monday 4th May or Tuesday 5th May - you will be informed when yours are shipped out, I will then aim/proceed to send the rest out that same week. Thanks for your patience!

+ WAVE 1 of packages have been sent out on the early hours of the morning on Friday 8th May - you have all been notified. WAVE 2 scheduled next day! Thank you for your patience and apologises for the delay!

+ WAVE 2 of packages have been sent out -  this includes everyone who was part of both auctions - if you still haven't been informed your package will be sent out asap. Thank you!

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