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Latest TCG Gets!

Hi lovely pokécollectors!

Today i finally recieved my last packet, so i can post a little recap :D!

I managed to grab another two pre-constructed deck from XY era plus a fantastic Gift Box from DpT era.

The Dpt Gift box comes in this fancy cardboard suitcase and it's HUGE.

This box contains four thirty-card decks, all the stuff to play the game and a awesome sticker sheet with the pokémon shown on the cover. I bought this item principally because the art is AWESOME. Just look at the backgrounds and the details. FANTASTIC.

^These are the four holos.

^This is the bird trio. pegasus2010 i think you can appreciate them :D.

^These are just beautiful cards.The details are gorgeous.

^Last but not least the pokéball card. I'm a big fan of this kind of cards, and this is the cherry on top for me.

This pack was well worth the money.

These decks are over the top. The left one is M Charizard-EX Mega Battle Deck, the right one is the M Rayquaza-EX Mega Battle Deck. They both feature a playing mat, rules book and a coin, even foil cardboard boxes; as always nice art.

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