ChookyPooh (chookypooh) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Eevee's new friends!

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a good day~!
I am for I finally received all my parcels hehe.

I've recently found a good middleman on Y!A, and thus have been able to get some plushies I reaaaally wanted!
Eevee was as excited as me when they arrived, but decided to use a knife to open the box which was quite dangerous!

Eevee spotted a new friend! Look at how happy it's looking~
But wait- there is something else under!

An Eevee pillow!! Wow!! It looks so comfy! (and it is hahah).

Aww little Eevee fell for DX Eevee~ So much love!

But it's not over yet; there is another box..!

Little Eevee seems surprised; what could be inside??

?!?!! It's not an Eevee! It's a HQ Pichu!! So soft! It was part of a lot I won so it's like a little bonus~
It's so big tho /laughs/

OMG!! Such a fluffly Eevee!!! Little Eevee is crying out of joy!

Also look at that big fluffy tail of HQ Eevee ♥

But we're not done yet! There is a last one!

Oh my!!!! Sitting HQ Eevee!!! Little Eevee is amazed at how tall his new friend is. (Also someone is trying to get in the picture behind ww)

Family shot full of love; little Eevee can't hold its tears, it looks so happy aww♥ (and so am I♥♥)

The two HQ were my main target, I'm so happy I could get them for quite cheap (because most of the time they're not under 2500-3000yen ugh) so yay!! I now have all the Eevee plushies I was looking for~

That was it for today~ Hope all this love made you happy as well :3
Tags: eevee, pichu

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