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New plush gets and wants!

My Tomy plush collection has definitely taken off! After searching plenty of stores I added some new members to my collection!

Welcome Umbreon! She's my newest addition. I found her today at a really out of the way Walmart but I had a feeling that they'd have something good! I just need to track down Vaporeon and Flareon now!

More cuties! I can't get over how adorable these plushes are!

And now onto the wants!

Here are a few things I'm currently after!

USA Pokemon Center Pancham Pokedoll plush with tags Got him!

Tomy Trainer's Choice Cyndaquil plush with tags
Tomy Trainer's Choice Mudkip plush with tags
Tomy Trainer's Choice Chikorita plush with tags
Tomy XY Squirtle plush with tags
Tomy XY Bulbasaur plush with tags

Banpresto Typhlosion UFO plush  (I know this one is going to be hard to get but I'm willing to pay a good price for it. I'd prefer to have one with the hang tag but I'll take what I can get.)

Rumble U Black Kyurem Figure
Rumble U White Kyurem Figure
Rumble U Shiny Eevee Figure
Rumble U Shiny Pikachu Figure
Rumble U Shiny Genesect Figure

Thank you and that concludes my wants for now!
Tags: collection, wants

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