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Metal GA III Final Payment

This post concerns:
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A message from your GA host, swampeh:
I would like to thank everyone with the continuous support of our metal GAs. You thank us, but we should be thanking you!. We wouldn't be able to keep running these GAs if it wasn't for you guys making it awesome for us and being great participants. You guys make it easy and such a blast! We hope we've managed to help you all make a dent in those pesky metal collections and we really hope to keep seeing you all again!

Digi says: ONWARD! Until the next one!

Payment Instructions

-Please write "Metal GA III final payment" and also include the item(s) you won. And, send payment to kaly206[at]hotmail[dot]com

-Please pay or reply within 48 hours! Comment below so we know! If everyone pays or requests that their package be held within 24 hours I'll ship next day.

-If you're requesting a hold, don't send payment! Simply comment below requesting to combine shipping with the next GA.

-International Folks: Please tell me how much would you like me to mark down for the value of your package on your customs form if you are concerned.

-Please know that since this a GA there will be no compensation for lost or damaged packages in the mail.

-Paypal will update US residents with a tracking number, and international folks will receive a customs number.

Click here for the Spreadsheet

Notice to Participants
General Shipping and Combined Shipping

-If you are combining multiple GAs into one package, please check the current weight of your package.

-If the weight of your package is 13 ounces or less, it will be sent via First-Class Mail with Tracking, but does not include insurance.

-When your weight exceeds 13 ounces, the most economical shipping method will be Priority Mail: Small Flat Rate Box. (This method will come with Tracking and Insurance coverage up to $50)

Additional insurance may be purchased if you wish to be covered over $50.

**I encourage requesting insurance or choosing to go with Priority Mail: Small Flat Rate Box**
-You guys have been waiting months for your metals to arrive to you safely, and the last thing you want is for the post office to screw up when it's so near the finish line!

-Base prices for insurance within the US in addition to your current shipping cost:
$2.10 covers $5-$50
$2.60 covers $51-$100
$3.30 covers $120-$300

-Registered Mail for International in addition to your current shipping cost:
starts at $13.95 - covers up to $45
(Higher values use Express Mail, and extremely expensive, but I could give quotes)
More info on Registered Mail here.

-Please let me know if you would like to add Insurance (US residents) or Registered Mail (International folks). I will give you a new quote.

***Just so we are clear***

-I cannot compensate you for any damaged/lost packages in the mail without insurance. Since it's a GA, so I don't have the money anymore; it's been used towards paying off the lot and international shipping.

-And just for your information, there have been no problems in the last three years of running GAs


-By sending payment without insurance you are telling me you agree to this and accept the risks.


Digi's GA Shipping Estimates (US):
First-Class Mail with Tracking
$2.25 = 1-3 ounces
$2.35 = 4 ounces
$2.45 = 5 ounces
$2.60 = 6 ounces
$2.75 = 7 ounces
$2.95 = 8 ounces
$3.15 = 9 ounces
$3.40 = 10 ounces
$3.65 = 11 ounces
$3.80 = 12 ounces
$4.05 = 13 ounces

Priority Mail - Small Flat Rate Box with Tracking and Insurance (covers up to $50)
$5.50 = 14+ounces

(International prices varies by weight and country, sorry no chart!! But will begin at $7.05)

Now that that's done!! On to the good part!!!!!

Winning bids and claimed extras:

Laurens mystery metal was a Bronze Jirachi! Awesome gamble!

A message to slowwwgirl: Please let me know how much you want me to write for the value of your package on your custom's form.

Charge 2 of shipping to Digi from FJ:

Exchange rate from Deposit used to pay Charge:

Questions? Comments? Feel free.

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