ceruleanblues15 (ceruleanblues15) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Newest Get + wants

Has anyone ever had that moment when you ordered something, but after a while you forget? That happened to me after finding a pink slip in my mail box yesterday XD I was so confused as I was like what did I order that couldn't possibly fit into my mailbox? That was answered until I got this guy:

My first reaction was just holycow what could this be??

It's none other than my custom perler sprite from latias_latios_7

It was so much bigger than I expected like seriously XD no wonder it needed a box. Apparently someone else was a bit curious as well as my school gave me a note saying it had arrived unsealed =w= gosh people I know Cheren and Stoutland are awesome, but like you can't have them, they're mind!

And as always, I'm on the hunt for Cheren and Lillipup line things :3 so if you have anything or have come across anything let me know ;D I'm also starting my hunt for their TCG's so that'll be helpful as well! Thanks again

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