Lilly (lillyann123) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon SSS gets!!!

EEEEEEKKKK! I got them!!! (Well actually I got them a week ago, but I'm just getting aroun to post thins.) This was my first time participating and I am so thankful for my swapper.

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a package. What's inside?
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who's that pokemon? Dedenne!!!!! EEEEkkkk!!!! I could not believe whoever was my secret swap got me dedenne! I've been dying for him forever!!!!! But wait. There's more? (Which I did not expect. I really thought the pokedoll was enough.

Wait a minute. I feel two plushies, but how? No way, not possible, could it actually be-


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I didn't think my secret santa would go and get this couple! I've been wanting one for ages, but I never got to buy him. (He was actually number one on my list so I never expected to get it.)

HULIAHCU IFOFEHUNIRNSUILRYNUICLHURNILGHCURLTHUIRHFU (Translation: I'm dying from happiness and I have now idea what I'm supposed to say to be happier than I already am)

So, Who was my secret santa?
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A short notw, but I'm really happy that my swapper loved pikachu as much as I did. You can really see the heart in it!

Thank you so much tsuiling I couldn't have gotten a better present! Internet hugs to you!!!!

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A picture of them all together! Cause they're so cute and have to be in a picture together. I love them so much, and the couple make me so happy!

On the other hand, my package has been shipped long ago, yet no response, if you gotten my package do tell! and Comissions are being worked on currently, thank you for your patience!

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