j_ule (j_ule) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another late sss post! :D

Yaaay, I finally received my spring secret swap too! \(^O^)/

Actually, I already received it a few days ago but I was too busy to photograph it/make a post about it ;____;

But now let's see what I got! :)

A little hint  :>

I got a lovely Charmander (my favorite Pokemon and main collection!) Banpresto plushie and a Noivern clearfile!! <33 ^w^
And as you can see from the note, my sss partner was eilidhm5559! Thank so so so much, eilidhm5559!! :) It's so cool you are from Scotland btw °^_^° I've been to Scotland before and I looved it :)

What was especially cool - these two things were on my wants list! :) Especially with clearfiles, I am a bit reluctant to buy them on my own lol because they are quite expensive compared to the fact that they are "just" a flat file, BUT it's absolutely wonderful my sss partner got me one as a gift :) Now, I can use it as a nice background for my Noivern collection!
I desperately need a new display for my collection, but I promise, as soon as I will have a new display, I will show my whole collection with the clearfile ^^;

And that Charmander plush *_* There are these things that you've wanted for so long but somehow you NEVER come round to buying?! This Charmander plush is one of them.
And I absolutely love it! <3 JUST LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS n__n (I also have to think of a name for him!)

When it discovered my big Charmander, they immediately fell in love :'D

But then it discovered that there were even MORE Charmanders waiting for him! :O

Here they are with their lovely new member of the family <3

Once again, thank you so much, eilidhm5559 for this awesome gift! :)

As for my overall experience with the sss - this was my first time ever participating in one, and it was an absolute BLAST!! :) I enjoyed every bit of it so much, especially preparing my own gift for my sss! It's a really good opportunity to get to know other members better and spread joy throughout the community. It really shows that we are one big "family" hehe n__n And I love that :) I will definitely be participating next year again, and thanks to the moderator team who made all this possible for us!
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