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updated collection + bootleg?

i'm so happy with my collection right now so i hope you guys don't mind me showing it! picheavy so most will be under a cut.
i didn't include my typhlosion collection in this because they've already had a post about them.

more views!

my sylveons ;W; i love sylveon so much, i try to collection as much of it as possible because just. LOOK AT IT. cute pink fairy fox. it me

top shelf of plushies. a lot of them fall over a lot and sit on each other so sorry for the messiness LOL
my oldest plush is that charmander in the back. i've had him since i was 3 and i got him at a Six Flags park before it closed.

this shelf has all my books, DS games (not all of which are pokemon however) i also keep my tomy figures here, and my old gameboy/n64 games.

more plushies! that flygon is one of my many pride and joys.

some figures. i always put ash's arms in weird poses because it amuses me.

my fennekin family, kids figures, and some stuff in general i keep up there so the cat can't knock them down. one of my nidoqueens is a custom shiny repaint i did.

last but not least, my window hangers!

last i'm having trouble deciding if this is a bootleg or not? i picked her up at my last con

i won't be too heartbroken if she is, she does make a nice snuggle buddy.
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