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Recent Gets

Hello all! Currently going to a convention and it's a ton of fun! Seen some weird and cool things there so far. I've also gotten quite a bit of stuff over the past week from the com, so I thought i'd take this time to share everything and ask a little question.

First up the convention gets! I was so excited when i saw the figures there and some legit eevee plush! Even though the were being sold at a place with bootlegs. I'm still debating on getting the other 3 they had (Leafeon, Glaceon and Espeon) since i can get them cheap on here but after shipping they'd probably be about the same price (I'm not good at making decisions). I also got a few Eevee posters but they were too big to photograph

I THINK these are legit but i'm not 100% on it. I saw them in a bin in seperate bags with their pogs. If anyone could tell me I'd be very apriciative.

I also found this very sad looking Esbreon there yesterday. The things you see at conventions now.

Here I have all my other gets from last week. I kept getting packages and kept putting it off.

First off, I went to Toy's 'r us last wekk and boy was I happy when I saw these! Canada rarely gets the cool stuff so I snatched these up as quickly as possible (not a huge Mewtwo fan but he was so awesome in the frist movie!)

Here they are all put together, along with my first arrival of Eevee goodness. Two things I thought'd i'd never get because of their pricetags, the Leafeon chupa and the Espeon chupa, they're so tiny and cute, I absolutly love them and can't wait to find the rest.

Then we have all these guys! They kept arriving within a few days of eachother so I kept putting this post off. But now they're all to their new home safely. I'd save my faveourite from this is the laying eevee figure, it's just too cute and i've wanted one forever, I'm so happy I found one finally. I also got a few items for my very tiny side collections, I've always had a soft spot for lugia and suicune since the first game I ever got was silver.

Thanks for taking a look, and Than you everyone I bought from!

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