Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

Sales reminder + Gets :3

Good evening ^-^

I wanted to show you my newest gets! I would say its Weavile time :D
Here we go:

I got some days ago my Weavile Pokedoll ^-^ He is so cute! I love the plush <3 / Also i got my rest of the Weavile kids from mercurrix! (I've left you a feedback) Thank you :D / And i got yesterday my Zukan :3 Its so tiny! Thank you nasija

A cute Weavile Nintendo keychain! Never seen it before O: From nasija too :P

My side collection of Weavile is here:

More Zangoose gets!

I have now all kid figures! I was lucky to find the clear one really fast :) And i got the Pokemon Time keychain today.

You can find my Zangoose collection here:

Im still waiting for my Zangoose Zukan and Weavile suction cup figure and more other merch (its too much). So i will post another gets update soon xD

I've got so many new gets but i haven't the time to post all!

my wants
collection site
Tags: gets, sales, weavile, zangoose
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