Emurii (emurii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Group auction? :3

Jakks plush group auction? I want Zubat~

It has 6 days on it. Bidding starts on these at $2.50. (Shipping and PayPal fees will be $3 in the US and _should be_ $5 internationally.)

I'll try to keep highest bid updated?

Zubat - emurii reserved @ $3
Wobbuffet - Highest bid: None!
Manaphy - Highest bid: None!
Pink Shellos - Highest bid: None!
Riolu - Highest bid: british_male @ $5
Sneasel - Highest bid: None!
Munchlax - Highest bid: None!
Starly - Highest bid: None!

Please bid in the designated comment ~ ♥

Also, an eBay find:
American plush auction including Poochyena (!), Spinda, Tentacool, Cyndaquil, Oddish, Duskull, Sableye (all popular) and more
Tags: group auction, manaphy, munchlax, plush, riolu, shellos, sneasel, starly, wobbuffet
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