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mirage Pika? --- gets --- collection rearrangement

Hi there! Today, I'd like to share my new gets with you :D

I found a cute little Pikachu that is doing an adorable pose. Like a real rodent! Look at the little snout :3 The tail wobbles around nicely, too.
I wonder if it's a mirage plush? The tush tag only says "CE". I couldn't find pictures of it anywhere on the internet. (I'll gladly rewrite the heading of this post if it isn't.)

I also got some items to add to my main collections :D There are dragons, rats and coins featuring a metallic sturdy beast.

Mini rats are tiny. Mini models are awesome! I love the different colors, but I like the clear red Rattata best. You can stack the Rattatas on top of each other :3
And since I have a soft spot for Metagross, I snatched these coins while I could. They look quite grumpy.

But wait - there's even something tinier up ahead! This in-case Salamence currently is the tiniest Salamence in my collection. I don't know if there are figures that are even tinier, but I guess it'll be hard to beat that. On the right side of the picture you can see some parts of the Tomy Salamece for comparison. But despite the small size, the incase buddy is so detailed <3 Another special thing is the pointed snout.

"Rayquaza charms? Who wants Rayquaza charms? Only a few bucks each!"
me: NO Rayquaza, you can't sell those charms!
Those three items are straight from Japan. It's the hyper size Tomy with posable arms and two Rayquaza metallic charms.
I love how the Tomy figure can display the charms :D

Maybe some of you have noticed that my collections have grown quite a bit. That's why I rearranged everything.
My dragons and my rats are now split on two different shelves to give them proper credit.
Most of the items have found a place already. My Mega Salamence plush has to rest somewhere else, though XD

Thanks to everyone reading through my post! Hope you enjoyed :3
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