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Trash for Treasure Offer! Phantom Forces Packs Cracking

Petition to improve card quality. I just feel the pain of the original author and have been wondering all the time. Why a Japanese Pokemon card can still keep its condition as pristine as if it was just pulled yesterday; while an English card gets its corners and/or edges rubbed just out of pack? Admin, please let me know if this part is not appropriate here so I will delete it right away. Thank you for your participation!

Hi, I am now offering some of my TCG accessories leftovers. I find them no use but occupying my tiny room but I think some of you may value them more than I do. I am taking offers for this whole lot starting at $1 and the offer will end at midnight (US EST time) on this Friday OR earlier if I receive an unbeatable offer. This is NOT an auction-style list so be prepared if the offer ends early.

Here we go!
Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
I ship from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and ship worldwide
Shipping is not included and this tin is about 8oz I just weighed it
Bid in increment in at least $1 please

Now let's hop onto the Trash for Treasure. Items under the cut.

Emerald Break box topper x4

Phantom Forces EMPTY packs x14

Yveltal pins from PHF 3-pack blister x2 PLUS loose damage and status markers

A MINT condition EX Power Trio - Charizard tin! EMPTY but includes all the things listed above!

Edit: this has been sent to eBay auction. Click the Charizard to get transferred to the auction!

That's all, thank you for reading!

Hi, guys. Today I got 27 Phantom Forces Packs and I am gonna crack them and post the pulls every 9 packs in the top comment. Feel free to drop by and post a comment. I am not gonna do the livestreaming as the first two times because I have a really not good memo of the pokemon names. Anyway, party is on!

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