togekizz (togekizz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WTB: dat lifesize goomy plush... wow much expensive so rare

Title says it all. These gooey babies are worth more than $450 USD now! I honestly see absolutely no way they could be worth this much already. They went up from $60 to $450 in under 3 months. You also have to take into consideration on how many of these exist! This is no Porygon-2 Plushplush, This is a widely released Goomy that retailed for only $35!

As you can probably tell, I badly want one, but the prices are absolutely ridiculous and there's no way I'm paying over $100 for one. This price inflation if horrifying and I hope they drop in value soon. $450 is the price of a Porygon-2 Plushplush and only five or so are known to exist! This Goomy, there's at least 100,000 or so. Sorry for the rant, I felt the need to ;_; i want one of these gooey babies in my life
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