Finnie (finniee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lil' sales!

Heeello! Quick sales below the cut, including 1:1 Chespin, Christmas Chespin, TCG pins and Slowpoke MPC!

Sales permission granted in 2013
Prices don't include fees or shipping!
Shipping from the UK starts at $6
No haggling pls, trades are accepted! I collect Slowpoke/bro/king.

TCG pins $5 each
Slowbro & Slowking $2 each

Slowpoke MPC $15 tag detached
Christmas 2013 Chespin $35 tag detached

1:1 Chespin plush - tag detached but slightly creased. Not sure what to price him at so going with what he cost me. EU shipping is preferred on this guy 'cause it'll be a bomb to post him elsewhere (and the customs to get him here in the first place was also not cheap). $85

Free with purchase - take as many as you like!
Eeveelutions origami paper (has a thank you message from a Japanese seller on the back)
Muk action flipz thing
Battrio (?) coin
Sylveon/Leafeon ippai stickers
10% off at Pokevault - hope this is okay to post here? I'll never use it.
Tags: chespin, sales, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke, tcg
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