Talarus (talarus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SSS gets, quick sales, and my first auction!

My Spring swap gift arrived (well, actually, it arrived last week, but I've been busy and haven't posted until now...I'm such a terrible person)

My giftee was samo22
and they got me not one, but THREE items off of my want list!
I have a pretty short list, and wasn't even expecting anything from it.
The sleepy gashapon figures came new in capsure, but I totally cracked them open right away because adorable.
Thank you so much!

I also am running some sales and auctions, including Pokedolls, Kid Figures, and some shiny mons!
Check that out here!

Also: I've got over 130 types of "My Pokemon Collection" plush available (and more!) in my shop here:

and I'm running a contest giving some away (check the facebook post on the frontpage!)

Thanks for looking!
Tags: auction, gets, pokedoll, sales, sss

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