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Announcement for auction participants, Y!J Gets & Updated Sales

First, a quick announcement to those who participated in the posters auction:A few of you have won some of the larger posters that need to be shipped via mailing tube. I'm still waiting for USPS to send me their free priority mailing tubes, so I won't have an accurate quote for you until later this week. (Sorry about that!) I'll respond to each of you individually later today and congrats on winning!

I received a big box of stuff from Y!J yesterday including some extras that I'm selling in my permanent sales post. If you want to skip directly to my updated sales, click on the banner at the bottom of this post. Below is preview pic of the new items for sale. :)

First get: Latias & Latios Magnet! Originally, I only intended to collect Latias merch because I loved her much more than Latios. Honestly, I didn't really think much of Latios because I didn't feel like he had much personality compared to Latias (in the movie anyway). But the more merch I found featuring the two together, the more it was inevitable for me to collect Latios as well and it was this particular piece that made me reconsider Latias and Latios not as just two separate Pokemon but as two parts of the same whole (kind of like Espeon and Umbreon). With that said, I feel like I have more Latios merch than Latias now because they seem to release more for him. XD

Latios Bandai Buildable figure - I almost got this one confused with the Tomy poseable figure, but this one is much smaller compared to the other because it was released as a gashapon. The Tomy is about the same size as the Jakks figure and has poseable arms. The wings on this one are poseable as well as the head. I kind of wish this one was released with a stand like Deoxys though.

This is my favorite Espeon Kid because it makes her look as elegant as you would imagine her to be. I was lucky to find a mint one with the box and sticker!

I was so excited when I found this on Y!J you have no idea. XD It's a document case featuring Espeon and Umbreon from the 2009 promotion. I really needed something fitting to keep the cards and letters from my fiancee safe (I forgot to take a picture before putting them in so you can see them here XD) so this was the perfect thing to have.

Ahh, I love the color scheme on the back and the way they show the silhouettes here too.

And here's what it looks like inside. It's very cool that they included images of each of them on the side as well.

Since I was on a buying spree, I couldn't help but buy this HGSS clearfile as well. It features a couple of my favorite Pokemon on the front (Entei and Lugia) and Johto is my favorite region, so I consider this buy justified.

Here's the back side featuring the trainers and the starters. I love Totodile's pose in this one as well. <3 Now all it's missing is Morty.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I'm currently waiting on another few packages from Japan so I'll probably be posting some new updates next week as well as new sales!

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