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Okay...I will promise the next time I post...it will be a collection update (with a cute and amusing story and customs I made for myself...that I just need bake in the oven and paint. Opps.) Anyway...I am looking for stuff...again. ^__^

Clear Nuzleaf Kid
Clear Shiftry Kid

Does anyone know if Seedot or Kirlia has a clear figure as well? My search didn't turn up anything but it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist or that I didn't see them or saw it and didn't save the image.

Seedot Line Zukan
Zigzagoon Line zukan

Nuzleaf Dice
Nuzleaf Pencil Topper

Major: Seedot line and Ralts line
Minor: Zigzagoon line (Although, I think that my fellow ziggy lovers pick those over already. That is why it falls into a minor want. XD) Empoleon, Pichu, and Torchic flats.

I get a little picky in this area because I don't like images pulled out of books or magazines unless it is unique pose that I haven't seen before. Nor do I like those stickers cut out from other sticker sheets.

I am also progress of making a tradelist since I finally hit magically ten number. I have quite a few Primal Clash cards (-eyes the evil Gardevoir card-) and some phantom forces cards (I brought it for the Shiftry card. I regret nothing.) I also have some figures to trade. ^__^ So, it should be fun when I get that done.
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