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Quick Sales (Pokedoll merch, Pokecen can badges) and taking offers on Pokedoll X-mas Ornaments

Hi! I'm going out of town next week and am hoping to get a few sales in before I go! I have some neat old PokeCen badges, Pokedoll Stamp pins, and some rare items up for offers too!

Please note that items must be paid for by Friday, April 24th, as the last day for shipping will be Saturday! Please do not inquire about sales after 4/24/15. Any remaining items will be reposted after I come back (5/5/15).

Rules and Guidelines:
-Sales permission granted 2/11/13 by entirelycliched
-All community rules apply
-Haggling is accepted on purchases with multiple items, but please note that haggling is not considered a commitment to buy, therefore priority is given to members who want to buy outright first!

-All prices are in US dollars
-Payment due within 48 hours upon agreement of sale
-Items must be paid for by April 24th, 2015!
-Sales inquiries after 4/24/15 will be
-Currently, only Paypal is accepted, directed to stevekha at gmail dot com

-Items are shipped from the US
-Shipping is a flat $5 US, $10 International
-PP fees are included in shipping costs
-My home is pet and smoke free

Pokedoll Stamp Pins (Snivy x 2, Audino x 2, Scraggy x 2 x 1, Tepig, Minccino) - $8 each *I have 2 1 box, free to the first buyer to ask!
1999 PokeCen Christmas Badges - Pikachu $5, Eevee $10 *package is free to first buyer to ask!
2000 PokeCen Christmas Badge - Cyndaquil $5
2000 PokeCen Cooking Badge - Cyndaquil $5
2002 PokeCen Sugimori Ethan/Shiny Charizard Badges (Croconaw, Pichu) - $5 each
2001 Celebi: A Timeless Encounter Metal Charm keychain w/Suicune & logo - $10
Chimchar Pokedoll Keychain - $20

2003 PokeCen Munchlax & Pikachu rubber frames - FREE with any purchase!
no title

2002 PokeCen Sugimori Art Ethan & Noctowl Can Badge - offers start at $10, or BIN for $25
*Note, this is a close up pic for detail! It is the standard can badge size.

2002 MIP Pokedoll Christmas Wreath Ornaments
These are super rare! There was a set of 3 that included Celebi (which I'm keeping :) ). Both are MIP...sort of...the Pikachu ornament looks like a factory defect because he's supposed to hang in the middle of the wreath but there's no hook or thread (you can kind of see the gold thread and hook that Pichu hangs from)! Also, there's a gold star that was glued to the bow but fell off and is floating around inside the package.

Offers for Pichu start at $25
Offers for Pikachu start at $25
no title

The gold star on the left is supposed to be glued to the middle of the bow--but I didn't want to open the package to fix it!

Thanks for looking! :)
Tags: audino, chimchar, croconaw, cyndaquil, eevee, minccino, noctowl, pichu, pikachu, pokedolls, scraggy, snivy, suicune, tepig
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