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*gulps nervously* I suppose I'll bring this up...

Oh, one quick word before I proceed: if you're sick to your stomach of the "suggested group auctions", then I'm sorry and I advise you to turn away now.

Okay, while browsing Yahoo! Japan Auctions, I noticed a really cool set of *clear!* Pokemon Kids. I DEFINATELY can't orgainze this even if this becomes a group auction, but I decided to post it just in case someone wanted to take it under their (monetary) wings.

Besides, there's a clear Shinx Kid there, as well as a Drifblim, which given the demand, would more than likely pay for the end price of the entire auction combined. XD
More information: I think it ends in about 6 days, the opening bid is 4,000 yen, and the "Buy it Now" is 4,500 yen. As of this writing, there are no bids. :D

Oh, and I'm so getting Phione if this goes through, but thats's practically a given.
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