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SSS and Con Gets- Customs Galore <3

So I just got back from Toracon, a local convention in Rochester, NY ^^ I had a ton of fun dressed up as Mako from KLK and formal Rin from Vocaloid, and the vendors were by far the best part ;D

Here's what I got over the past two days!

So many pins <3 If anyone knows the artists, please let me know so I can give them credit! The Espeon's are all going towards my Espeon collection, and the rest were bought because the artwork is super pretty and the Pokemon are really great xD

I also managed to find a Nidoran off my wants list! I'm looking for the male version to accompany her, so let me know if you're selling one :) All of those plush were from the same booth, and for awesome prices! Manectric and Nidoran were only 12 each and Aurorus was 10 0w0 They also had a Herdier, and most of the pokemon from the banpresto promo of the Nurse Chansey, and all of those guys. I should've gotten the Chimecho MPC too looking back ;w;

I did get five anime figures/keychains and two Fire Emblem prints too, but I won't post those here lol

Here are the gets I've accumulated over the past few weeks <3

Preview pic~

no title


I got this little dude from a trade with peppermmints ^w^ He's a headphone holder, though I'm still trying to figure out a way to display him xD

no titlehoundoom fleece plush.jpg

Mightyena and Houndoom are from a seller on etsy. She ended up going to the hospital in the middle of completing Houndoom, and her friend finished it for her. Because of that, the stitching isn't superb to say the least, and he has a few holes and glue stains. I still really really love him though, he's one of those plush with a personality <3 He's been my hw buddy for the past few days, haha. And after I messaged her about the problems with Houndoom, she made a free Mightyena!

no title

Mega Sceptile is from a trade with partywooper~ I now am only missing the Sceptile pokedoll, I have all the other official plush :D

no title

Vaporeon is from raichu_love, she's now my second Vaporeon amiguri <3 Way too cute to resist!

no title

Rattata is from cardwhale... this is literally the perfect plush. Rattata needs way more love than he gets T^T

no title

MOCHIIIIIIII'S <3 My army grows! These are in addition to the ones I already own- Eevee, Vaporeon, Furret, and Persian. I love them all so much ;w;

no title

And last but not least, a May custom pop figure and Cubone poketime strap :D I'm sooo happy I won May, I was prepared to sell my left leg if it meant winning her. She fits perfectly into my growing May collection~

That's it for the gets! I have some custom sculptures and plush coming soon, so my next gets post will be in a few weeks x3

And of course, I saved the best for last!


First off, I got this really cute note :D It looks like my gifter was kephisos, though I did figure that out a few weeks before I got the package XD And there's a mention of a custom... I started freaking out just about there.

no title

First though, I found these adorable stickers! Thanks so much for these, there's a Pokemon or trainer I collect on each one <3 And the one with Jirachi pushed me over the edge, I'm gonna add Jirachi to my list of side collections now >w>
There was also a bunch of chocolate in the box, my friends and I raided them over the weekend xD

Next up though, I just sat in awe for ten minutes after discovering this. I saw other people get customs and all... but I never thought I would be one of them. I just- I can't. Really, no words can describe the amount of joy I had as I opened this next gift.

no titless4.jpg

LOOK. LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY. TAKE IT IN. I just... wow. Seriously, wow ;w; Houndoom is named Kephi now <3

Thank you so much Kephisos, your card is on its way now ;A;

And as always, here are some links!

celebi perler.jpggreninja.jpg

Perler commissions/trades: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18811565.html
TCG trades: http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/10690.html

Edit: Looking for custom or official things of the following Pokemon- Bayleef, Masquerain, Houndoom line, Mightyena line, Celebi, Jirachi, Sceptile, Sandshrew line and possibly Espeon.
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