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Pikazard + other gets + little overview of my room

Hello everyone o/

So before the star Pikazard, let's start with various gets!

The second volume of Pokémon Adventures Ruby & Sapphire in French.

Manaphy Pokédoll, very cute Skitty Secret Base Pokédoll, and the lovely Goomy Mascot which is bigger than what I thought.

Substitute charm, Latias Petit which I was missing to complete the set, and funny Mega Slowbro x) The black fabric is really different, like to show it's not a body part but emptiness, I guess.

Japanese pre-order bonus for XY: two clear file folders, 2 mini plamo figures (it was just a pain to paste all the mini stickers :O) and the artbook (I love the cover).
Then really beautiful folders with couples <3
And finally different items from ORAS promo among which the Toys'R'Us Jumbo card.

And here is the star, Pikazard!
The two plushies which will be restocked soon (with the Mega Tokyo exclusive on the right), a clear file folder (there is also a mini one in the back) and the amazing music box! Watch the video below if you want to hear its wonderful sound *O*
Then we have another folder with G1 Pokémon silhouettes, and two Tenugui that you can see better here:

The Pikazard fever goes on with the hoodie poncho!
I finally succumbed ^^ To summarize: I wanted this amazing piece at first, but after seeing that the "cape" was not very long (it's rather made for kids) I thought I wouldn't use it. But eventually I noticed it would make a great skin for my desk chair ^^
And it is guarded by Shiny Mega Rayquaza <3 This plush is awesome! Also its black is not really black but tinted of blue/green.

So now I have a dedicated shelf to Charizard and Pikazard ^^

And just below there are the other Starters and some other Pokémon.
I've recently received the Mega Blaziken S.H.Figuarts and I'm waiting for Lucario.

Let's end with some little overviews of my room :)

Thank you for reading :)

You can see more pictures on my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like and comment ^^):

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