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It is time to update rules about group auctions/group purchases! It is a shame that we must! :< Please read them through before commenting, but do feel free to comment with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. And because its inevitable, this post was not spawned by one single person's doings, and has been talked about and worked on for weeks. So don't bother commenting with your apologies, it's okay, it really is :D

first of all, you can read all the old group auction rules HERE, and these will be added once we've gotten feedback from you all.

UPDATED RULES AND GUIDELINES! these will be strict, i won't lie! we cannot mess around with the large sums of money that pass back and forth on this community. read with that in mind.

Backing out of paying for your part in a group auction is inexcusable. If you have ever run one, you understand how much it hurts the entire effort when someone does not pay or changes their mind after it is too late. DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN A GROUP AUCTION OR PURCHASE IF YOU ARE NOT SURE IF YOU CAN PAY. Don't forget that fees and shipping will be added on top of your bid, and they can sometimes be more or less than expected. If you think the organizer is charging too much, feel free to request a copy of the invoice. It is usually VERY expensive.

IF YOU ARE CAUGHT BACKING OUT OF A GROUP AUCTION, it will count automatically as a warning against you, and three warnings is one (of many) way(s) to result in being banned. Do not forget that based on the severity of your actions you can also be banned immediately, although this is usually behavior-related, it is not out of the question. When dealing with money you cannot be immature or childish, so do not participate if you cannot be an adult.


Group auctions/group buys are fine and there is no limit on how many you are allowed to do, however we want to suggest thinking over simply purchasing auctions for yourself occasionally, and not to rely too heavily on the group buy system, especially for a lot of items that is less than 20$.

We've seen a lot of folks regret doing a group auction and try to make profit off the items they bought with others, but unfortunately a group auction is not designed for profit, and you will get called on your actions. But if you front the money yourself, then the lot is yours to sell at any price you wish once it has arrived! Also keep that in mind.

On a final note, we want to recommend against selfishness in group auctions. If you are not willing to put in the large amount of work that goes along with running a group auction, then do not easily expect someone else to do the job for you, on top of letting you have whatever rare and highly sought after item you want in the lot. This is not an uncommon problem here, and naturally you are allowed to ask, but please do not be surprised if the outcome is not as you desired.

so guys, have fun, stay responsible, and again, comment and complain without fear, we are here to listen to your ideas (or even possibly engage in some mature debate ;D).
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