Matt! (mattsandwich) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush gets!

Hi everyone!
Since becoming active on here about a week ago I've been having a great time and have gotten some very cute plushies :) I received two packages on Friday and two on Saturday. Here's my gets from both days - this post is a bit picture heavy, sorry!

The first package had this awesome Lapras plush from aarux! He's very detailed and soft, I love him so much! You can see my Lapras pokedoll behind him for comparison. I love both of them, but the size and detail of my new Lapras are amazing.

The other package had my order from mintmittins of Minun, Plusle, and Togepi! The Minun is very cute, his ears make crinkly noises which is pretty cute. Plusle is cute as well, but I'm not in love with the material he's made out of. It's hard to tell in the picture, but it's a slightly bumpy material that reminds me of plush made from towel material, but this isn't exactly that. I'd like to find the match to Minun, a Plusle with crinkly ears.

The first package had my Suicune bootie pokedoll from zigguppafu! He's very well made for a bootleg. He might be a factory reject, because most bootie Suicunes have flat blue head pieces rather than stuffed. This one's is stuffed, but it was sewn up a little too high (you can see it more on the below picture) so if I'm feeling courageous maybe I'll detach it and try to place it in the right spot so it looks a little more like the actual Pokedoll. Either way, I think he's cute :)

The other package has this DX Chespin plush from pacificpikachu, which I am absolutely in love with. He's as tall as the Lapras plush I received on Friday, and his derpy smile makes me laugh (but then again, so do all Chespin products). He's really great to cuddle with and I love him :)

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