cyber_onion (cyber_onions) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small gets and wants!

Hi everyone!

This is my first gets/wants post to the community, I've been here a couple of weeks and been enjoying seeing everyone's collections

The Burger King plush arrived last week, I just love Magikarp! and derpy Ekans. The Pikachu came with them, I'm not sure what exactly it is but it has a pull string that causes it to vibrate and move. The tag says 1998 Nintendo.

The Applause Psyduck arrived last week too, was supposed to be accompanied by Mewtwo and Snorlax but they haven't arrived yet... hopefully it's not a case of more Pokemon lost at sea! (a few years ago I ordered a Charizard best wishes plush that never arrived)

I'm looking now to expand my applause plush collection - at some point between the late 90s and now, a few of my applause plush went missing, and I've been slowly finding new ones. Currently searching for a Wartortle!

I'm also looking for Paras, one of my favourites, and the applause was the only Paras plush made. If anyone has any they're willing to part with, or sees anything going online, please let me know!

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a good week :)
Tags: bellsprout, charizard, ekans, magikarp, pikachu, psyduck, snorlax

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