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SSS Gets!

Yet another (very belated) SSS post! The items I received were wonderful. I got a bit too excited and didn't take photos right away, but I mostly repackaged everything. ^^; My mom helped with the 'didn't take photos right away' bit... She got excited and asked if she could open a package, and, not knowing what it was over the phone, I said it was fine. Naturally it was the ONE package I didn't want her to open- but that's how it happens, right? But it's okay because my parents came to visit briefly last night, so I got all 3 of my packages that were still at home!

Sorry in advance for bad picture quality! I'm definitely not a photographer.

Anyways! Cut to the photos:

I may have squealed a bit when I opened the package. I've been wanting the Jirachi Pokemon Time strap for such a long time! I've actually had a few ebay listings on my watch list for the past few months, but just never purchased it! Sooooo thrilled.
The Mega Gardevoir strap is so tiny and detailed! I found one a while ago, but it got nabbed before I noticed it. (Beautiful princess~)
I'm also super stoked for the Chupa Chups! :D

Picture of Mega Gardy~ (Sorry for the shadow, the light was reflecting super weird :/)

Lastly- here's a pic of the Pokemon Time bookmark from behind Jirachi! :D The mew is SOOO cute! I'll admit that I had hoped it might be a Latios to go with my Latias one, but Mew is also a very adorable legendary! Definitely not a disappointment! :D

And my SSS gifter was *drumroll*.... btamamura! Thank you so much! <3

Quick note: If I owe you feedback, it should be going up tonight! :)
Tags: gardevoir, jirachi, sss

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