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eBay junk lot + Various Gets + Sales

Awawa, hi all~ I'm STILL working on putting up some auctions (I know... it's taking so long XD Just that other things end up taking priority and life gets busy orz and then I still want to figure out how many things I wanna put into the auction, etc... cuz I've got in-case figures and some other goodies I could put in, but more than likely I'll just save them for later since they're still unorganized)

In the meantime, I did have time to gather up a bunch of the broken Pokemon figures and set them up in a large eBay lot, please check it out and help me clear out space lol, especially if you're into doing repaints and such :D http://www.ebay.com/itm/HUGE-POKEMON-LOT-TOMY-Zukan-Figures-Toys-CHEAP-BROKEN-extra-pan-stickers-more-/181722298400?
(I was granted Sales Permission on 9/19/14 by entirelycliched)

Also, I haven't posted any of my gets in a LONG time~ Things are still a mess just because I don't get much time after work and spending entire weekends at my fiancé's place XD It's still a long way before we find a place we can move into together, cuz the housing market is crazy in NorCal~

Mega Rayquaza!!! I love that so many people on the comm posted getting these guys, they are seriously my favorite plush of the year and I'll just leave it to PokeCen to see if they can possibly top this XD;;;

I also didn't expect to get the older Rayquaza Pokemon Center plush, but now I've ended up with two XD;; One is with parts sewn together as originally created (
it makes a great doorknob decoration omg
), and the other came to me with the parts "freed", which I actually like since I can wrap him around things~
I actually have two of the newer Rayquaza PC plush too, but one stays with me
on my work desk
<3 These pikas also sit at my work desk currently too :3c

Large plush gets!! I finally got that Super DX Charizard that I was kind of dodging around getting, and was pretty surprised at how HUGE it was when it finally came~ I also got a Lucario Pokemon Center plush that also surprised me with its size! Better yet it's so MINKY, I can't believe I hardly see this Lucario around. It's soooo nice. Even the giant Palkia pokedoll... omg they're all so big and awesome. I really didn't intend to collect Dialga and Palkia things when I got back into collecting, but they've ended up being some of my largest collections so far... @.@;

Hoods everywhere! The Pikazard is my favorite >w< ~ I really like the Kuji Eevee one though, it's so soft and fluffy! I'm a bit disappointed with the Pikachu one from the same kuji, the material is pretty much velboa and not minky, unlike the Eevee one. D: But it's still really pretty so I'll find use for it! XD; Thinking of bringing them all to the San Jose Pokemon Symphonic Concert lol! I get cold easily and everywhere on this coast pumps up air conditioning way too much so I'll probably end up wearing the other 3 with Pikazard on top (while I make my fiancé wear the kuji Eevee hahaha)

Reallllly cool painted metal charms! I have no idea about the origin of these items but they're just so awesome, I love that their backsides are completely articulated as well! VENUSAUR'S BUTT!!! These are the ones I'm keeping for sure, I do have a few others in my sales (Weepinbell, Poliwhirl, Togepi, Psyduck)

Also I had some fun with a Pikachu mask lulz *runs* and Reshiram

I've been doing slow but steady updates to my sales as usual, including an extra of the LARGE TOMY AG Rayquaza figure~ (I remember someone on the comm was looking for one? Sorry I forgot who T_T)
Preview of new items:

...and more!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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