natsu_neko (natsu_neko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Grailiest of Grail Gets!

For over a decade now, Vaporeon has been my favorite- favorite pokemon, favorite eeveelution, favorite water type. Today I just got someone who honors all those years of love for the dear water fox.

Pleut, my first official Vaporeon plush, attends the opening of the grail, making sure no damages occur.

What a small bundle! What even is this mysterious grail?

Quickly! They're almost out!

-angelic choir music plays-

YES! The Vaporeon Suzunari is finally with me! After many months of scraping up the cash to pay her off, she is here! I have the amazing poke_zula to thank for selling her to me. She is tiny and precious and so old! 17 years she has existed, and now resides with me and many other friends. <3


Now I have every official Vaporeon plush- all 13 of them. I'm so happy I could just-!

W-well, at least kitzune was kind enough to do pick-ups for them.

Thank you again, poke_zula, and thank YOU, PKMNCollectors!

Tags: eevee, gets, sylveon, vaporeon

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