Talarus (talarus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Kid figure collection update and a Question

As some of you may know, I'm obsessed with Kid Figures, and was going for a full set.
I wasn't going to bother collecting the shinies, due to their rarity and cost,
but a few months ago, I made a post showing off my first shiny: a Rayquaza.
Then something happened...and I got obssessed.

When I get bit by a collecting bug, I get bit hard.
My shiny collection has grown from that one simple Rayquaza into this!

And I must have moooore!

I ended up with a couple more duplicate shinies in the lot that arrived today, so I added them to my auction post here:

And lastly, I have a question:
There's two other types of figures that I often find mixed in with Kid figures,
and I'm curious as to what they are.

These figures are very similar to kid figures, but they're a bit smaller, and a bit firmer.
They're labelled TOMY on the back, instead of Bandai.

These figures are also hollow, but quite squishy. They're about half the size of a regular kid figure, and aren't marked with a maker.

Anyone have any ideas on them?

Tags: auction, bandai

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