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Re-introduction and apology

Hello, I am jellyfish_clear but was originally called victinimad. I got banned around 2 years ago under my old name but have been given a second chance which I am really grateful for. So first off is an apology to all those my actions affected, I am really sorry, i was an idiot back then and didn't think about the consequences but I hope to make amends with this second chance I have been given. I won't ask for trust straight away but hopefully I will like to build it up and be an active member that participates with activites ^.^
Anyway a little reintroduction i collect victini and emolga/pachirisu and have been doing so for over 2 years. I also love anime,manga and video games which i also collect. Now onto my collection which is over 2 years in the making and I must say I am proud of it :)
Warning picture heavy!!!!
Victini figures and misc.
no title
Victini plushes,favourite proberly the Tohoku pokemon center plush named Suzu or the talking plush named Haru. Both are really cute and soft ^.^
no title
Victini flats
no title
Emolga/pachirisu collection. Missing most flats as I haven't been bothered to put them up ^.^'
no title
Misc. figures which I have had since i was a kid
no title
Misc. Plushes
no title
no title
Rest of my misc. plushes plus my 18inch tomy victini named Sora that wouldn't on the plush shelf
Thank you for reading and looking ^.^
Tags: emolga, pachirisu, victini
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