Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Huge Spring Sales!!

Hi guys, I'm back with a huge discounts sales post! I want to clean a bit my sales so I have put a bunch of items really cheap!

I have some plushies left and random figures!
About the kids: most of them are 1$ each one! The clears are only 2$, eeveelus for 2.5$ and even the rare clear flareon attack kid for 10$!! I didn't update the photos since I'll get more soon but they will be available for this price ONLY HERE!

FLATS are at 50% discount (50% of the price marked)
CLEARFILES are at 50% discount (50% of the price marked)
POGS ... Well, they are pretty cheap already but if you buy a bunch I can make a discount ;)

RULESCollapse )
PlushiesCollapse )FiguresCollapse )KIDSCollapse )

Finally, we're good with the PokePlush Heaven GA but don't forget to put your best bids to be sure we win the war >:D

P.D. 22th is my bf present (Diego says HI!) so some huge sales would be awesome for us :D By now he already got his Ness amiibo (Charizard is mine)
Hemos cazado #amiibo #ness #daraen #charizard #robin #nintendo
Tags: sales
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