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PC Gets, WTB Mugs, & a Question!

I haven't done a collection update in a loooooong time, so I figured this beautiful box would be the idea time!

I was super excited when pokemoncenter.com released all those awesome Eevee goods a couple months ago- so cool! I added them to my cart and waited for it to rain money so I could buy them. Alas, a few weeks later they were mostly all sold out :( I moved them to my "Save for Later" list and sulked.

Then a couple weeks ago, I was browsing my cart and saw that they were back in stock! I couldn't find them on the site in a search (and the links were a bit glitchy), but I was able to successfully move them to my cart. Could I have actually ordered them under the radar? I decided that I didn't need *really* need to eat that week and clicked the "Checkout" button. *Holds breath*

The order confirmation came through okay... the shipping email didn't say anything... I wasn't refunded for any items... did it work?


...Yeah, I'd say so! (Sorry for the horrid lighting) GOODIES!!!

adasjdkajsdkasd CRAP I DON'T NEEEEED. <3 My favorite! :D
I did make a promise that a majority of the merch I purchase will be "practical", or at least useful in everyday life. That makes stationary, glassware, and the like totally acceptable.

And to get to what I was REALLY excited for... GLASSES.

They were wrapped and packaged very well! All made it safe and sound :)

And to make it all even better, they aren't going to kill me slowly. Phew.

I'm a little sad that they glasses don't match color-wise very well, and I almost wondered if I should have gotten a few more of the Gen 1 tumbler...

Definitely my favorite! Whenever I kick the bunnies out of the dining room and get myself a freaking table, I totally plan on having a Gen 1 Eeveelution themed kitchen table! I have four placemats of Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon, so I worry that the other tumblers will clash a little... but eh. It'll be fine!

Does anyone else move the Pokemon Center notebooks? I used mine two bottom ones for a little while in school, but they weren't ideal for removing pages or doing any math work. I just keep buying them and hope that I'll find a use for them soon!

Now for a request:
As I was saying in my tumbler descriptions, I am looking to set up an Eeveelution table, but I'm missing something!
I'm looking for the Flareon and Vaporeon mugs released a few years ago. (Pics borrowed from PokeVault)
I would also be willing to purchase another Eevee mug, since I like the one I use at work xD

I would prefer them with their boxes, but if I can't find them with one, it's okay. I don't not mind if they're used, as long as they're clean, not damaged, and ideally have no stains.

And lastly, a question: I am looking at setting up a more permanent TCG shop (I've been buying two boxes a set, so they're multiplying fast!!) but I cannot decide if I should do a web store or just use LJ and set up a permanent post. What do you, as buyers prefer?
Note that in a web store cards would need to be added individually, so if you wanted 30 cards, each one would need to be added to the cart. But LJ means a lot of images loading.
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