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Hello all! This is my first time posting in the community but I've been a lurking member for a while and have even purchased a few things from the members! Thank you guys so much by the way!

Well, I would love to show you guys a current picture of my collection but unfortunately the light in my room is broken at the moment so I can't really get a good pic! D: Here's what I can offer you for now though, something I find pretty cool! Anyone into Pokedexes? ((BIG pic!)):

Ta-da! Yes, that's a D-arc in the pic too. I originally took this pic to show my friends the differences between some American toys and Japanese ones soooo that's my excuse!

I just happened to find the Japanese Pokedex (and as luck would have it, the D-arc, but that's another story) at a local Japanese festival for $3! I couldn't believe it! The Japanese Pokedex is so different from the American one... it talks and lights up and does a whole lot of other nifty things! Why oh why couldn't it have an English setting?! I'm curious to know, how rare are the Japanese Pokedexes? Does anyone else have one in their collection?

Also, on a completely unrelated topic, does anyone happen to know where I could purchase a somewhat cheap Lucario pokedoll or other form of Lucario plushie? I've been browsing ebay every other week but the prices seem so ridiculous! Do you guys think I could find a doll anywhere for under $30+? I'd love to own one!

Thank you guyyyys! I love this community so much!

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