triplewipe45 (triplewipe45) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hello everyone! i apologize for my quietness; i've just moved into a new home, and my internet is abysmal because of the bandwith cap. but, i got a new shelving unit yesterday, which means i've reorganized all of my pokemon to be in one place. hooray!

i also got my goodra zukan today:

and because of that, i will now post the shelves since i've gotten everything i was waiting for!

top shelf is dedicated to goomy, my favorite pokemon ever! the life-sized goomy is named prince, and he's my prized possession. his feelers are a little droopy because i would hug him a lot... either way i hope to get the rest of the goomy plushes, plus maybe a custom sliggoo someday.

oshawotts, piplups, and chespins. i finally got a legit piplup pokedoll, and i am over the moon about it! there's an oshawott and a piplup hiding behind the chespins... sneaky sneaky.

raichus! i hope to get a few ampharoses to give the chus some company, but right now my chus are very content with one another. i got the pokecen raichu yesterday, and he looks so cute with the pokedoll. ;v;

espurr line, dittos, and pumpkaboos. the frontmost ditto is a custom, and i love his little smiley face. ;v;

eeeveelus and pink/purple babies. i would like to add some slurpuffs here soon.

and here is all of my misc. stuff and pokedolls!

that's all for now, thank you for looking! :D

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