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Lots of gets, including - you guessed it - SSS!

Hey everyone! The semester is finally over, so I can finally share all of the awesome stuff I got over the past month!

First up, a widdle zukan!
 photo Breloom zukan_zps4uo6zswl.jpg
This precious little guy is from salamence646, and I love it! This isn't the right base or peg, though - I am in serious need of a peg specifically, does anybody have any extras/ideas for makeshaft pegs?

 photo Hoenn zukan_zpsuh4y8csd.jpg
I typically like very specific Pokemon and collect them instead of entire evolutionary lines. They can be a bit harder to display, but I like the way they look without bases. :3

Next up is my amazing SSS package from xxlatiosxx, and let me tell you, it was lovely from the get-go!
 photo SSS box_zpsrwucbzrd.jpg
They even decorated the box! And included a Pokemon Center bag which is awesome because I kind of collect them.

 photo SSS wrapped_zpsujr3k0vi.jpg
Wow, look at all of this stuff! I just kept pulling out one thing after another, it was so exciting and overwhelming! TWO plushies, straps, socks, and who knows how many figures! I immediately knew what was in the red and blue packages and was so stoked, but what's all the other stuff?

 photo SSS all_zpsbfmdnkub.jpg
I...where to even begin? There are so many things from my wants list and that I really wanted! latios included:
- Mew Banpresto
- Meowstic Pokedoll
- Mew socks
- My Dearest Meowstic straps
- European Mewtwo Burger King Figure
- Mewtwo phone strap
- Japanese ORAS pre-order Kyogre and Groudon
- Three tiny Mew figures I can't identify
- A custom Mew drawing and lovely note!

Everything is just so lovely! The plush are soft and adorable, I'm so excited about all of the straps, Kyogre is absolutely gorgeous, the socks are really fun, and so many cool figures I would have never otherwise gotten! This package came on a day when I was stressed and in pain, and it really brightened my day!

Thank you so much to the members who organized such a lovely event!

Not long after, I received a really generous gift from an internet friend! I bought him a Mamoswine plushie and mailed it to him a few years ago, and he decided to return the favour! He asked me what kind of plush I wanted, and I immediately said the Banpresto Meowstic - good thing I was specific, since xxlatiosxx sent me the Pokedoll!
 photo Meowstic opens_zpsdc1hbv1j.jpg
Pokedoll Meowstic wants to help!

 photo Meowstic opens3_zps6b1n5zrz.jpg
Look at these two cuties! They're quite different, and each has positive and negative qualities, but I find they compliment each other well!

Pokedoll: Softer, with very nice stitching, but very flat. Has a very bored, indifferent look on her face. The blue bits on her head and neck are nice and poufy and detailed. Ears are one piece and details are stitched on. Tails are stitched to the side and easier to see, but add to the flat look.

Benpresto: Rounder body and bigger face, but not as soft. Has a more grumpy face, which I like better. Has tight stitching on her hands and feet that made them look shrunken and sectioned off. The blue bit around her neck is nice, but the head one isn't stuffed and looks flat. Her ears actually are folded down, though, which is what I've always wanted!

Lastly, I took some new photos of my collections!
 photo Mew collection_zpsmzhd3bcr.jpg
Finally, a new photo of my Mew collection! I love all of the pink cuteness!

 photo Mews tiny_zpspa5tydfn.jpg
My tiny Mew things! I actually don't know what most of these are, and they're a bit too small to display unless I find a case of some kind, haha.

 photo Meowstic collection_zpszd1zdyyc.jpg
Meowstic! This feels much more like a proper collection with the new plush and straps!

 photo Psychic Kitties small_zpsvzeeeqaf.jpg
Finally, all of my psychic kitty plush! I never meant to get so many, but gosh darn are they cute! (After taking this photo I totally just glomped them all. <3)

On another note, I will hopefully have some updates for my sales post soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, and happy spring!
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