baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

cheapo sales

Hey hey hey I really need some cash, don'tcha know!

So it's a big ol' sale! Every item in these pictures is on sale. I will take most any offers. Seriously, everything is between fifty cents and 3 dollars. Which items are 3 dollars and which are lower? Oh my gosh, you get to find out! Consider their size and quality, then make a reasonable offer and I will accept almost any offer. Or ask for several items and I will make you a deal! Okay? Okay!

WARNING: A few of these figures are leftover bootlegs from that group auction I did. So I think about 5 of them (Drowzee, Igglybuff, Walrein, Clefairy, Torchic... think that's it) are bootlegs.

If you have any questions about what items are, ASK ME!

- Paypal or money order only, please
- Holds are okay for three days
- Please include what you are buying in your paypal invoice
- Be nice!

Oh dear, it looks like Beelzenef from Ouran High School Hots Club snuck in here. He's a super cute puppet that I meant to use for cosplay but never got around to. He is unopened and adorably evil! I'm asking $10 since he's actually fairly hard to get your hands on and is official merchandise.
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