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New things and Shiny Eeveelutions

Good day to you all~

Since I'm quickly running out of figures I want to buy, I've got into the habit of buying doubles and shiny-fying them. :D

But firstly, HLJ strikes my wallet again...

I'm so glad they rereleased Luxio! I thought I'd never get one, otherwise. I have the whole family, now :D As well as the entire pride of Leos! What surprised me most about this lot is how big Groudon and Kyoga are. I've already got some Hyper-size TOMYs, but these seem even bigger (it was probably just the box XD). Also, the first of my doubles...hello Sylveon, do you feel a little blue yet? How about you, 'Zard?

Next, from the awesome Splash! This package came from the USA - via Canada - to me in the UK. I watched the tracking with my heart in my throat - I'd never had a parcel dissappear on me before, and I'd so been hoping to add to my Eevee horde. But YAY, it did arrive, and so I got to work...

Cubone isn't a TOMY, but the slightly smaller size just makes him more adorable! He was only scuffed, really, but enough for me to want to repaint him. Then dangle him moodily off a big rock XD
Same for Altaria, really. Just blossoms. :)

I now also have the entire Charizard family. Shiny 'Zard's only problem is the fact that his moving parts can't really move now - or can, but the paint around his wings will dissappear if I do.

And of course...the Eeveelutions!

I used some artistic license again, since lime green is *cringes*. But after I turned Espeon into a ghost-type, I decided maybe I did need a blast of green in there. Leafeon's shiny is so similar to it's normal appearance, that would be a pointless repaint - so he went Autumnal. And the rest are self explanatory :D I'm surprised by how big the Eevee TOMY is, since I'm so used to my Eevee and Friends version, which is less imposing.

Oh, and Sylveon. What. A. Pain! FYI, anything with ribbons - avoid repainting! I should have learned after Suicune...XD

Finally, my current shelving arrangements - I'm already out of space! The ones on the right are my repaints.

And...that is all!

I'm sort of out of ideas for new projects now, and my "to-buy" list consists only of figures I refuse to get since they're too expensive. Basically, if anyone ever finds a cheap Mightyena, I bagsie it! hehe

Thanks guys~!
Tags: collection, custom, eeveelutions, tomy

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