Kirsty (kirsty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I'M ALIVE! (And moving!)

Hey all! ^-^ I've been very quietly checking the community lately. I'm still buying some things here and there for my collection, but I've really put a halt on it for a while because... I'm moving! I've just started packing up my collection and sorting out what I'll be selling and what I'll be keeping.

So today I come with something of a boring update, but an important question:
Any tips or advise (maybe from past experience) when packing & moving your collection?

Update: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the great responses! I knew you guys would be a huge help! I've been reading through them and I really appreciate the tips and experience that you've shared. I'm a little busy but I'll get back to you all soon as I can!


Coming soon:
- New collection set-up photos
- WEEDING SALES (Lots of PokeDolls and figures!)

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