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Collection post <3

Hello friends! ^-^.

I have been missing since Friday, because I went to the "Salón Manga of Barcelona", which is the best event of manga in Spain *-*U.
I did not expect to see some Pokémon merchandising, as they usually just only have figures of TOMY(First and second generation) ... but this year I am pleasantly surprised, and I saw a lot more Pokémon merchandising!(Also new).

So I leave with you pictures of what I buy there, and in addition to two things I received today :3.

Skymin christmas plush and Celebi. Drop a cry when I saw the Skymin, did not expect to see it in the addition I saw Giratina plushes too O.O

I don't like much the Origin form....but...I love the stylus xD;;

LUCARIO~~ and Skymin keychain :3.

I am surprised with this plush O_O never thought that would get the plush of Larvitar on a site like this. Is adorableee <3U.

And this two, those I received today:

From trainer_irene . Zoey/Nozomi Crystal Puzzle!. *-------* I love SO much. Thank you my friend, and thanks for the adorable draw too! *-*.

This is from one online shop. SILICON CASE(DS Lite) OF GIRATINAAAAAAAA!!!! *happy happy*.

This all for today XD
Tags: celebi, giratina, glameow, larvitar, lucario, misdreavus, plush, skymin
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