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Collection updates!

Geeting antsy to share a collection update, just got a bunch of new items I just have to share!

Here is my collection website
If you see anything on my wish list that you have, send me a message ;)
You can see all of the new items here as well.

Here are the new items I got recently

First up is Praxis

I recently had to part ways with Nemesis my first shiny Raikou. Luckily I was ably to find Praxis, for dare I say under $300 after shipping and fees!! Bless YJ!!
I know where Nemesis went and he may have a new name, but he shall always be remembered as Nemesis to me :)

And for those of you in the loop right now *cough* Praxis is the Klingon moon to their home planet Kronos *cough* >.>

Now for the rest of the stuff!

DX Figure Original Run

I have been looking for this guy for a long time now and as soon as the one I bought on ebay showed up, 2 more reared their heads XD Oh universe!
I love this one though because he is mint in package <3

Wobble Coud Figure

Got this guy from a community memeber here ^^ Very happy to finally have this little guy.
I was seriously not expecting him to be here randomly! Very pleasant surprise :)

Swing Charm

I cannot tell you how extatic I was when I saw the GA with this guy in it!! I was seriouly prepared to throw all of my money at the GA XD haha
I even nabbed a Suicune one if anyone is looking for one! They are both mint in package. *mind blown by them being MIP*

Rubber Stamp

I have yet to use this little guy but it is freaking adorable!!
Also obtained here ^^

Silver Coin!!!

I am super dooper happy to announce that I finally own a Riakou coin! ahhhhhhh!!
Got this guy from StalkingSuicune <3
Looks gold-ish in the pic but it is silver I promise XD

Movie Pouch

Saw this guy on YJ for a decent price and decided to grab it!
Bigger than I expected! Very cool none the less :)

Metal Dog Tag

This one is also thanks to StalkingSuicune!
A super cool metal dog tag <3

Holographic Dice

This dice is super cool! I likce to fiddle with it just stare at it every now and then 0.0
Obtained here!


There has been a spinner on ebay for the longest time and well I'm glad I waited for this one!
The one on ebay is a tad price ^^;
This one is from StalkingSuicune again :P
Thank you so much <3


Also from StalkingSuicune :P

Random Cards/Stickers

Got these from a seller on ebay. Super neat cards! The first two are metallic adnd the last is partly transparent.

Battle Stickers

StalkingSuicune >.>
All the stuff from them came togther.

Page Info

Last one!! Also from StalkingSuicune

And that is all! For now... >.>
Be prepared for more to come ;)

In other news I lost my 2nd auction with the shiny Riakou Monclle *facepalm*
That's okay! I was not very well funded at the time. Next imte!!

Also a reminder that my Yveltal collection is still up for sale!

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