pepperzark (pepperzark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question about middleman service

I know I posted recently, sorry ^^; I browse Y!J in search for the 1:1 Tohoku Victini, Zoroarks, and one other thing when I have the time and... I've found that one other thing. I've never used a middleman service though and I'm quite nervous about it. I really never wanted to use one, and I never have the money anyway, but I really want this plush. What's a good middleman service to use (or someone could be my middleman :D) and can anyone give me any advice? I might just chicken out :( I don't know. I really want the item though. Sigh.

I updated the starting prices on my auctions a little. I'm also getting together a bunch of TCGs to sell, and I have a Hasbro Mew plush to sell as well if anyone is looking for one. What's the best way to sell TCGs? I'm selling almost all of my cards (or at least my holos, might just give the commons away to some little kid) with some nostalgic exceptions, my Zoroarks, my Poochys, my full art Reshiram, and my shiny Latias.

Dem auctions:

I would make this less boring with a pic of my collection, but I'm too tied up to be taking pictures at the moment ^^; So let's make this less boring by asking a random question! Who was your first level 100 Pokemon? I've played Pokemon since Red and Blue, but I wasn't motivated until Sapphire and Ruby and I leveled my trusty Flygon to level 100 :) To this day, Flygon is probably my second favorite dragon, with Reshiram being the first. One day I will show her off to the comm in her plush form :)

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