Pretty Pink Guardian Lala (princesshakuryu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Pretty Pink Guardian Lala

New gets and collection update! New eeveelution plushies!

Sorry I havnt posted in a while, we are cleaning out our room and we had our plushies in a pile while we waited until payday to get and set-up our new poke'mon shelf! It has my husband and I's stuff on it and its all set! Hmmm I need some more dragonair and milotic stuff. Here are pictures, enjoy!
 photo DSCN6851.jpg
This Lugia= my pride and joy! <3
Top Shelf
 photo 2a364896-f399-437a-a419-f00c7f0be37e.jpg
Plush shelves
 photo DSCN6848.jpg
 photo DSCN6842.jpg
 photo DSCN6844.jpg

BONUS! I got some candy from japan! ^-^
 photo acf0d0bb-de72-4936-be7e-e7200ed423a6.jpg

Also, here are some goodies from members on the community! I bought Kingrda and Milotic kids off of splash, a japanese Pokemon Center Nymphia (Sylveon) plush from a new friend, ippai eevee/espeon and eevee pokedoll allll the way from NZ!

Sylvee loves hanging out with my Suicune Pokedoll!
 photo DSCN6857.jpg
I LOVE these new eeveelution and water baby figures!
 photo DSCN6853.jpg

*On the way I also have a black shiny mega rayquaza plush AND a mizugorou (Mudkip) pokemon center plush coming alllll the way from japan! =D

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