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Collection Update: M0ar Vaporeon! Gorgeousss Poke Box Charm!

Holy Collection Update Batman!

FINALLY LJ is LOADING for me, no more missing CSS! (Watch it vanish by the time I hit submit... ._.) So, I'm still pretty new and still beginning my collection but I'd like to share it with you! :D <3 Thanks so much to the community members who have helped me thus far! (And sorry I haven't left feedback, it isn't working for me for some reason, I keep getting an error. ><)

I think this is my pride and joy. My main focus and the basis for my entire collection of ANYTHING. <3 My Poke Box Charms. I'm a long long way from my goal. I'd eventually like a full set of each of the sets they released of the Eeveelu charms.

It's been hard, I've only found a few so far. No one seems to be selling them. But I'm hopeful, that's for sure. <3

This is my most recent one, the Vappy!
This little guy is sort of a grail for me. I think the dessert version would be the only charm more amazing than this one, honestly. x3

If you or anyone you know is selling or trading any Poke Box charms, PLEASE let me know! <3 (You can e-mail or FB me. E-mail = kozxai (at) gmail (dot) com. FB = http://www.facebook.com/Kozinu )

My pride and joy, my Vaporeons! :3 I think I am on a quest to collect one of each Vaporeon plush out there. (It would help if I knew how many there were, I suppose.. lol!) My next main goal is the Vaporeon Trump Plush. He is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. x3 I adore my MPC though, tagless or not! :3

Probably one of my favorite items. I can't wait to figure out how to mount it or frame it properly. Soooo gorgeous!

My very small collection of figures/kids/etc. :3

My favorite Eeveelus, Vaporeon, Umbreon and Espeon. Flareon is my boyfriend's favorite. :)

The Eeveelu coins from Poke Box. Ohhh, so in love with these. I need to collect the summer set of coins for this year now, when they come out. x3

I have a few more little ones I'm waiting on yet. So hopefully I can update my photos soon. :) <3

For anyone interested in seeing more photos or my wants, check out mah site!

Sorry for so many photos! I am just so excited. Focusing on my collection has helped me relieve a lot of stress and anxiety I've been buried under. It's been a tough semester so this is just so thrilling.
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