diamondphantom (diamondphantom) wrote in pkmncollectors,

This Week's Gets!

Well it's only Thursday for me but I'm really excited about all the stuff I got /)>w<(\
It was my birthday this past weekend so, of course, I ordered a ton of awesome stuff for myself~

First~ Who are these cute eevee?! 8D

I had two extra eevee TOMYs so I repainted them both to be shiny~ Oh? One is gold? Well yes! In Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD:Gale of Darkness shiny eevee is gold c:

I also painted a bootleg cleffa figure I had to shiny <33 She's so precious~ Her ears and cheeks glow in the dark x3

Alright, now I finally get to the stuff that I actually got :3
~A ho-oh HeartGold preorder figure, a carbink plush keychain, goodra zukan line, and a set of Diancie movie stickers <3

Earlier in the week, I grabbed the Walmart preorder figures for ORAS *w*

And on Monday I also got the new raichu plush eeeeeee <333 he's perfect ;w; some of the stitching is coming out in the back but I don't care~ I also got Team Aqua's Kyogre EX and a carbink UNO card c:

Thanks for checking out my post~ Have an enjoyable evening/day/whatever c: <3

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