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Gets worthy of a post!

I know, I know, I'm posting a bit much. I promise this is the last one until my auctions near the end date/time. If I need to delete my last post in order to clean the page up a bit, let me know, I don't mind!

I really wanted to make this post because
1) One of my gets was a gift from a comm member so I felt a need to show it off :)
2) School is kicking my butt so I need a small break once I got home and decided to take some pictures!

First up, my bf received this package and gave it to me when I got out of Organic lab and for some odd reason I didn't expect it to be what it actually was...

The MC+ figure and a reflector keychain from stalkingsuicune! and they even threw in a fact sheet on Zoroark which I didn't expect! I love it! My pack slowly grows :)

When I got home, there were quite a few packages waiting for me, first up...

The gift! from bulbybulbasaur! I actually only like Oshawott because I adore Samurott, but I much prefer the Oshawott pokedoll over the Samurott one (Samurott plushes tend to look a bit...derp...) so I was ecstatic to receive this little guy! Thank you so much for giving him to me bulby :D

I also received a package from Most of what was within it was for my boyfriend, but I did get this cutie...

Eeeeeeee! He's so much cuter than I expected! Now I NEED the PC Greninja plush! I loved Greninja before, but for some odd reason after receiving this plush I seem to love him almost as much as some of my absolute favorite starters now! He's so precious!

I also got the PC Latias and Latios plush, but after I placed the order I realized they were impulse buys. I love Latias and Latios, and these are some mighty fine plushes of them, but I'd rather not start to hardcore collect them. I'd rather stick to custom shiny Latias' and Latias figures to go with my Latias and Latios pokedolls :) If anyone wants them, I can sell them for $22 a piece or both for $40 plus shipping and fees (which I'm sure is slightly cheaper than If not, then I'll just return them as I could really use the money ^^ Let me know! They're gone!

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Mah Feedback

That's all for now :) I'm still in search for my grail, and trying to decide whether or not I'm ready to use a deputy service (I'm a big baby), but, in the meantime, anyone got a Lugia Pokedoll they're willing to let go for around $25!? :D Let me know!

EDIT: Last night I lost on a lot that contained a Jakks Totodile plush so now I'm looking to get one! The lot sold for $27 and contained all three Johto starters so that's a little more than $9 a plush so I'm looking to spend around $10 :)

I must have him for my Totodile army...

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