flaaffy (flaaffy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

plush gets + question

Hello my PKMN loves!
I have a few new pokedolls & other plush and I would love to show them to you all!

So, let's begin with a cut! ;)

With a name like skittybits, you can probably guess ~ I love pink Pokemon. And I love these pokedolls.
Lickilicky is something special. His tongue isn't attached to his tummy, so you can flop it around! He is a faceplanter, though. Skitty is from the 2005 release and she is also a faceplanter. Slowpoke is adorably derpy and absolutely perfect. All 3 of these pink pokedolls were on my wants list for a long time. I was finally able to purchase them within the community! Big thanks to cardwhale, sarynplasmagale, and sorjei.

What else do we have here? <3

UFO piplup was a birthday gift from my boyfriend. Yes, a Christmas plush in the middle of spring, hehe. And I've always wanted a growlithe plush, so I'm super happy to finally have one. I purchased him from dezi_kitsune! Finally, I purchased PT furret from splash because PT teddiursa wanted a friend! I thought they would look cute together and I was right! Just look at these 2 Johto forest dwellers. ^-^

Quick question: What do you do with your pokedoll tags? I always remove them, but I still want to keep them in perfect condition. I also want to store them in a way that looks...appealing. I was thinking about using one of those large clear envelopes but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Also, please take a look at my wants list!
Thanks for reading!

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