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Mega Auction and Goober Sales!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I last posted anything. I have quite a few new gets to share but that'll have to be for a later post (waiting on a few other items in the mail). For now, I have some custom plush that need homes! Details under the cut (slightly image heavy)

The plush in mention are these guys, mega Sableye and a few beanie Goomys! I'll keep is short and sweet since there'll be quite a few photos.

Info and Rules
- received permission to sell on Wednesday, October 4 from rachelled
- my feedback ~
- I only accept paypal
- I ship from a pet friendly home in Florida
- these plush are handmade and are not meant to be bought and resold for profit!
- all group rules apply here and please no sniping!

Mega Sableye Custom Plush

- stands 13 inches tall at head / 17 inches tall at ear spikes
- gem is 15 inches tall
- hand stitched and made of fleece, hand embroidered teeth
- best part about it, has magnets in the hands and on the gem so it detaches! See photos below ( and see here for additional silly photos! )
*the magnets are a bit strong as to hold through the fabric layers, but I'd advise to keep them away from any electronics or credit cards, ect.

The starting bid will be $80, with the minimum bid increments being $5
*if the auction goes over $120, shipping will be free
auction will run from now until April 28th, 11:59pm EST
( countdown clock )

And now time for the goomys! Obviously it's become one of my favorite pokemon, so I had to sew a few and these guys are so much fun to make <3 I wanted a plush that was also squishy like goomy which is why I made them in the first place. The test goomy is the squishiest of them all ( photos if you'd like ) while these 3 are a bit more sturdy but still have a squishy bottom.

- they stand 4 inches tall at the head / 6 inches tall at antennae
- hand stitched and made of fleece
- stuffed with fluff and plastic beans
- they're for straight sale, $65 each (shipping/fees included for U.S.) (international will be an additonal $4)
- I can give discounts if multiple are bought <3

Dark goomy (on hold), light goomy, and shiny goomy
*goomy with no lined mouth is the test goomy and is not included in the sale

Other than that, I still have my permanent sales post here -> PKMN Shop
It includes a few custom plush but mostly official merch. If you have any questions or comments feel free :) thanks for looking!

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