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Gets From The Past Few Weeks!

Hello everyone! Long time no see. I've been super busy with school lately so I haven't been able to post anything until now! Here are my gets from the past few weeks ;w;

A couple of weeks ago, I had gotten my prize from jheila's giveaway! I won the ace of hearts card!

It's a really pretty card and they even added a little Spritzee puff sticker on the envelope!

The lil puff sticker is on my fairy tin case now .w.

Thank you, jheila!

A few weeks ago, I had also gotten the Spritzee phone strap from hobby_japan! The list of Spritzee merch I'm after is going down now!

It's so cute but I don't know where to attach it since my phone doesn't have a part to attach charms on it ;w;

2 weeks ago, I had gotten my Goomy gatcha in the mail from poliwhirl! I'm only missing 2 out of the whole set now!

Thank you so much, poliwhirl!

Last Wednesday, it was my sibling's birthday so we decided to hang out at the mall! There's a lot of cool stores there and a huge Walmart! This was a good opportunity to get a Double Crisis blister pack!

I hope you don't mind the Tsum Tsums haha! Of course I had to get the Team Magma coin and pin! Sadly my pulls were horrendous and my coin is a little scuffed up ;-;

Lastly, I had ordered a Cofagrigus MPC from talarus' online store! I was too impatient to wait for the upcoming convention they're going to be at to get this lil guy! I've been wanting this MPC since August and I'm so happy I finally got it!

Look at it!!! It's so cute!

It has joined the Yamasks! I got the Yamasks from talarus when I've seen them at cons. Thank you so much for these plushies and I can't wait to see you at AN!

That's it for today! Now I just have to wait for my box of the latest batch of Kids figures to arrive!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day and thank you for reading my post!
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